Why Become an NCAA Basketball Player?

If you are worried about the many restrictions you could be facing upon being recruited by the NCAA to play basketball, then you can use some encouragement. Being part of this organization as an athlete brings more advantages than disadvantages these days.

A Contrast in Time

Long gone are the days when student-athletes had to scrape a few pennies together to be able to eat a mediocre meal. Nowadays, in states like California, the scholarship grants include all kinds of meals and snacks that are fitting for the nutrition and health requirements of athletes.

This measure has been embraced by schools to such a large extent, that some have stations where they can get yogurt or a protein shake, nearby the sports facilities. The idea is to enable the basketball players and all other athletes, to follow their nutrition plans with as much flexibility as possible.

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You are Completely Covered

When you get a scholarship under the NCAA, in addition to paying for your room, books, fees, board, and tuition, you also get money for all other basic needs. Transportation is covered, as are all needed supplies and basically any expense that being a student might come with.

You can get as much as $7,000 to spend however you need to spend it and your scholarship won’t be taken away just because you got injured or aren’t performing great. Additionally, you will still be eligible for the Pell Grant which right now goes up to over $6,000 and you can spend on pretty much anything you need.

Money for Emergencies

If you are a Division I NCAA basketball player, you have access to the Student Assistance Fund program that provides you with money for unplanned expenses. Some of the examples include emergency traveling, enrolling in summer school, and even buying a suit for an interview.

Healthcare Benefits

For those of you that get picked to study at Power Five schools, the healthcare and medical coverage to treat any injuries you get while playing is extended. You will have coverage until you turn 26, even if you have already left school.

Being a basketball player takes a considerable amount of hard work, but it is all worth it when you can also receive help like this. Being part of the lucky athletes that belong to NCAA basketball teams can be a dream come true.