RAGBRAI XLVI Bike Shipping/Assembly

Bikes are shipped via to arrive in Iowa before July 20th. These services will be your best option.

Boxes need to be clearly marked: TO BE ASSEMBLED with owners information for identification. We will charge $50 per bike for assembly. Bikes will be held in a secure area and need to be identified with owners information for pickup.  Tandems and recumbent bikes are an extra charge.

All bikes to be assembled will be ready to pickup on

Saturday afternoon. We like to have all bikes picked up before 9 pm. If you are having conflicts on time let us know so alternate plans can be arranged.

Shipped bikes should not arrive earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the ride. Riders are strongly encouraged to make their reservation in advance with After your online order is placed, they will then contact you to confirm shipping.  We will also accept any walk up assemblies on Saturday. 

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