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Our website shares all its information for free with basketball fans all across America and even internationally. Although Letsche’s exists simply for entertainment and educational purposes, maintaining it does come with some additional costs and investments that need to be made.

We encourage businesses and individuals to become donors to our website’s efforts, helping us stay alive and updated with the latest information. We believe that even the smallest donation makes a difference and thus we make it possible for you to contribute with whatever you can.

Letsche’s is followed by an increasing number of basketball lovers and we always advertise our donors in different pages of the site. This is our way of giving back to those that have faith in us and appreciate what we are trying to build here. It hasn’t been easy, but our donors have brought us a long way and we want to keep it going.

Some of the donations we have received before are as simple as giving us a ride to games in different states, and even a place to stay. One particularly amazing donor gave us all brand new laptops to be able to support our modern website editing without any technical issues.

There is no end to how you can donate to our website and help our team keep offering you the most updated and accurate information about NCAA. If you own a business, brand, or offer services, your name broadcasted on our website will provide a valuable advertisement opportunity that will translate into profits.

For those of you that have made up your mind and want to become a donor, we only ask you to send us an email expressing your intentions. We will get back to you quickly and talk about what it is you want to do for us and how we can go about it, avoiding inconveniences for everybody involved.