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Letsche’s is the perfect website for all basketball fans to keep a close eye on NCAA basketball and the latest news that come from the organization. You can find information about the teams, about betting, and the hottest news in the sport.

Letsche’s Founder

Our website was founded by Kimberly Macdonald, a 35-year-old clerk that enjoys playing basketball but never had the chance to go professional. Her passion started when she was just 3 years old, the youngest and only girl of three siblings.

She watched her brother join his college’s NCAA basketball team and from then on, she became a huge fan.

As years went by, Kimberly became more knowledgeable and somewhat of an expert in NCAA basketball, which led her to creating a website where she could talk about it. Although the idea was great and easy to do in her spare time, she wanted to put together a team that would help her keep the website updated and fitting what users wanted.

The Team

She approached us after a basketball game where our team had won, we sat down at the bar having a few drinks and Kimberly told us all about her NCAA basketball website. We all jumped in and have been up for one fun and educational ride ever since.

Our Goal

Letsche’s is made by basketball lovers and is aimed at basketball lovers and thus we post all the information we like to read and research. The idea is that all NCAA basketball fans have this website as a way of finding everything in one place, news, team and player data, along with some betting information.

Our readers come from all walks of life, given that all Americans are passionate about basketball played by these marvelous student-athletes. We want to be a platform where future stars can be in the spotlight and followers can keep track of them throughout their growth into professional athletes.